Exposing the Skeleton
in the SDA Closet of 1888

Unsealing the Mystery of the
1888 General Conference
Meetings in Minneapolis

Norman Bradley

Morman Bradley

Norman Bradley is a deep student of the Bible and a devout Seventh-day Adventist who has researched several topics and presents these papers of his findings. These topics deal with the history and teachings of the Seventh-day Adventist church. These topics will not be of general interest to non-Seventh-day Adventists.

All the material on this web site is under the control of Normal Bradley. Except for general introductory information on this home page, all material comes direct from his hand, assisted by his wife Panzy, without editing or editorial comment. As he makes revisions or adds additional topics, they will appear on this web site.

Norman Bradley shares with you, in his own words, a brief autobiographical sketch.

"Brief biographical sketch. Born in 1926. Became an Adventist christian at age 30. Two years later entered the Colportuer work (Literature Evangelist) and continued for 11 years. Then for 6 years I worked as a Bible worker. At my conversion the good news about salvation was so dear to me that it started a fire in my bones that has never gone out. While working as a colportuer, my beliefs were often challenged by those of other faiths. This made me study out the SDA teachings very carefully. The Lord has often rewarded me with deeper insight in His Word because of days of searching as He did with this article about 1888. I solicit your prayers because the enemy does not want this truth to be made known. He likes to keep our church members in error."

May God richly bless each of you.

Norman Bradley


Exposing the Skeleton in the SDA Closet of 1888.pdf
(Revised 2010-11-30)
Unsealing the Mystery of the
1888 General Conference Meetings in Minneapolis

Rebuttal to Ron du Preez.pdf
(Revised 2010-12-04)
Feast Keeping and the Final Crisis aired on 3ABN

Two Natures of Jesus.pdf
(Revised 2011-01-30)
A Refreshing Look at the Nature of Christ

The Daily
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Study on the daily - Is the Mystery Solved?

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